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After years of development in Artificial Intelligence, after more than 3 decades, the epitome of its application is found in all the sectors that surround us, from retail to restaurants and cafes.

This is CafeX’s robot barista, a company in San Francisco, USA whose stores have closed and you can only find them at two of the airports in the Bay Area.

The robot revolution has started in San Francisco, or has it not?
The techno-centric city has seen automation in the restaurant sector in recent years. The objective is that the robots used are those who occupy positions that are highly repetitive and that require many hours of uninterrupted work, in the sense of freeing people to provide superior quality services to customers. As a consequence of this technological incursion, labor costs, tips, among others, would become obsolete, so that restaurateurs could invest more in the quality of their products, supporting the increase of profits for the owners, or at least it would be the theory.
If you want to read more, click here. Source: Tech Insider.

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